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Click on the link below and open an account to pay your utility bill.  

You will need an account number, such as 12345.00, and then the 2-digit number in the tenant field. 

Please note that the “alias” field is required to be filled in to open your account. The “alias” field is for people who have multiple properties. Each property must have its own account set up. The “alias” is to identify the property. For example, an alias could be “Wesley Way House” or “Cabin on Kilgore.” If you own one property, simply use “Home.”


If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the office at 828-452-5911.  



Please call 1-888-626-9065 to pay your utility bill by phone. Enter your 9 digit account number, without using the decimal point. For example: 123450098. The voice response will identify you by name and begin the payment process.

If you need assistance to get up and running, or have any questions please call the PW office at 828-452-5911.  



Lake Junaluska is an unincorporated community under the direction of The Lake Junaluska Assembly Board of Directors of The United Methodist Church. It is home to The World Methodist Council and the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center. All denominations are welcome to visit and live at Lake Junaluska. Lake Junaluska had its beginnings at the Laymen’s Conference of The Methodists Episcopal Church, South in 1908. The first conference was held and the first cottages were completed in 1913.

Today there are approximately 780 residential property owners and about half of these are year-round residents. The total area of the Lake Junaluska's grounds is 1,200 acres. The lake is approximately 200 acres and its elevation is 2,560 feet above sea level. The dam is 900 feet long and 60 feet high at the highest point. The Assembly Public Works department provides common community services for The Lake Junaluska Assembly. Our office oversees property sales, construction, water distribution, sewer service, solid waste disposal, street maintenance, and security.

Community Organizations
The Lake Junaluska community is blessed with several active organizations. The Junaluska Assembly Community Council (JACC) is an elected council that advises Assembly Public Works. Lake Junaluska Assembly Property Owners Organization (LJAPOO) meets regularly to provide a forum for property owner concerns.

The Junaluskans is a service organization with monthly morning meetings and evening dinners. The Junaluska Associates meet annually and raise funds for worthwhile projects in the community. The Presidents of The Junaluskans, LJAPOO, The Associates and the Chair of JACC are members of the LJA Board of Directors. The Woman’s Club sponsors an annual Fashion Show and supports many Assembly projects. The musically gifted may join The Haywood Community Chorus, sponsored by the Junaluskans, or enjoy the music of The Junaluska Singers. There are many small fellowship groups, organized by the Junaluskans that meet in settings unique to each group.

Events such as Road Scholar, Vesper Services, concerts, and festivals provide special opportunities for residents and guests. Lake Junaluska's grounds also contain The SEJ Heritage Center, The World Methodist Museum, The Bryan Native Gardens, The Golf Course, Susanna Wesley Gardens, the Biblical Garden, Fulbright Park, The Intentional Growth Center, Memorial Chapel, and many beautiful walking paths. Junaluskans are proud of the beauty, history, and unique nature of their community.

The Conference and Retreat Center
The Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center is a year round facility operated by The Lake Junaluska Assembly Board of Directors. There are approximately 700 hotel rooms, apartments, varied food service, meeting rooms, camping and recreational facilities. Stuart Auditorium seats approximately 2,000.  Lake Junaluska offer a variety of events and activities for the community, which can be seen at the Lake Junaluska event calendar.

The Conference Center office is located in The Bethea Welcome Center.

Mailing address:
PO Box 67
Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
Phone number: 828-452-2881
Email: info@lakejunaluska.com

Recreational Facilities
The Youth Center, Gym, Pool, canoes, paddle boats, volleyball, shuffleboard, mini-golf, and tennis courts are managed by The Conference Center. Recreational Passes are required for the use of these facilities. Recreational Passes may be purchased on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis. Meeting rooms and catering services are available through The Conference Center. Lake Junaluska property owners receive a discounted rate on Recreational Passes.

Map of Lake Junaluska (pdf)

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