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Assembly Public Works

The Assembly Public Works provides common community services for The Lake Junaluska Assembly. Our office oversees property sales, construction, water distribution, sewer service, solid waste disposal, street maintenance, and security. Assembly Public Works has an annual budget of approximately $ 1.7 million. There are no apportioned funds used to support Assembly Public Works. Please contact our office if you have any questions or for any additional information. For a map of the grounds, Click Here.


Click on the link below and open an account to pay your utility bill.  

You will need an account number, such as 12345.00, and then the 2-digit number in the tenant field. 

Please note that the “alias” field is required to be filled in to open your account. The “alias” field is for people who have multiple properties. Each property must have its own account set up. The “alias” is to identify the property. For example, an alias could be “Wesley Way House” or “Cabin on Kilgore.” If you own one property, simply use “Home.”


If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the office at 828-452-5911.  


Please call 1-888-626-9065 to pay your utility bill by phone. Enter your 9 digit account number, without using the decimal point.  For example: 123450098. The voice response will identify you by name and begin the payment process.  

If you need assistance to get up and running, or have any questions please call the PW office at 828-452-5911.  

ACH Bank Draft Payments

Physical address is 19 Sleepy Hollow Road
Mailing Address is PO Box 339

Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
E-mail: jcarlisle@lakejunaluska.com 
Our 24 hour on call utility number is 828-452-6666.

Links to further information on the following:
Rules and regulations
Security information
Garbage and Recycling Information

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Property Sales
Water and Sewer
Utility Billing
Service Charges

Property Sales
All deeds associated with Assembly property contain certain covenants and restrictions that give The LJA Board of Directors the right to enforce regulations and the right of first refusal on all property sales. The current Rules and Regulations were affirmed in November 1996.We request a copy of the property sales contract and signature of the current Rules and Regulations. Certain subdivisions (Aldersgate, Hickory Hills, Lakemont condos, and Tri-Vista Condos) require signature on more specific agreements. Letters waiving the right of first refusal and detailing any outstanding fees must be requested from The Assembly Public Works Office prior to property closing. For more detailed information on the Covenants in our deeds or our Rules and Regulations, please go to Rules and Regulation.

All construction and renovation on the Assembly grounds are subject to the building codes of North Carolina as enforced by The Haywood County Building Inspection Office. Notice to Proceed documentation must be acquired from Residential Services prior to the issuance of a building permit by Haywood County. The Notice to Proceed Document spells out restrictions unique to The Assembly; documents fee agreements, and plan approval. Normal fees include impact fees (based on $0.20 per square foot), water tap fees ($600.00) and sewer tap fees ($650.00), and potential damage or hookup cost to our roads, curbs, or storm drains.

Water and Sewer
The Assembly purchases its sewage treatment and water from The Town of Waynesville. Assembly Public Works maintains all water/sewer lines, pump stations, and reservoir, which are owned by Lake Junaluska Assembly. Each home and facility is metered and billed monthly.  Assembly Public Works provides year round 24 hour on call Water/Sewer service and the number is 828-452-6666.

The Street Department of Assembly Public Works maintains approximately seventeen miles of paved roads, the storm drainage system and signage. Streetlights are financed through the street department budget. Most of the roads on the Assembly grounds are private roads owned by Lake Junaluska Assembly. The exceptions are Golf Course Road, County Road, and Highway 19, which are maintained by The North Carolina Department of Transportation. A few private roads are maintained by their owners. The Street Department also provides snow and ice removal.

Utility Billing
Bills are issued during the first week of every month for water, sewer, solid waste, and fire protection. The residential minimum is $58.28. Late charges of 1% per month for delinquent account. Automatic credit card or debit card billing is available for $0.10 per month. Please contact our office for an application.

Service Charges
An annual service charge is assessed to each property owner based on the property value as established by the Haywood County Tax Assessor’s Office. The annual operating budget of Assembly Public Works determines the millage rate for service charges. The budget and millage rate are approved by LJA Board of Directors charges provide almost half of Assembly Public Works’ annual revenue. Service charge bills are issued during the first week of December. The millage rate issued in December 2014 was $0.3525 per $100.00 of real property value. The approved rate for 2015 is the same as 2014.