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Community Garbage and Recycling Information

General Information

Assembly Public Works provides solid waste pickup for all residents. Household garbage is picked up at the street on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Tuesday pickup covers the old side of the lake between County Rd. and the lake. Wednesday pickup covers the north side of County Rd. and Thursday pickup covers the south side of the lake and the Golf Course side of Highway 19. Friday is dedicated to brush and wood debris pickup. Please keep wood debris to less than six feet long. Solid waste charges are $16.86 per month normally, but winter rates based on no water usage are $5.00 per month for November through March. Curbside leaf vacuum pickup is available October through February and again in April. Bagged leaves are required other months. Outside burning of garbage, wood products or leaves is strictly prohibited. Download a printed version of our Solid Waste Information (.pdf). Recyclables waste is picked up on Mondays. Recycled items that we pick up on Mondays are aluminum, steel, glass, plastic, non-corrugated cardboard, and paper. It is state law that all plastic #1 and #2 be recycled. #1 is plastic water and soft drink bottles and #2 is milk and detergent jugs. We ask that recyclable waste be put at the street in blue or clear bags. For more recycling information download Recylcle Information (.pdf). Our solid waste crew is required to separate different types of garbage. We keep commercial, household, recyclables, large metal items (shelving, grills), and wood/brush separate. This is one reason why our crew might drive by your home and not pick up your waste or why they might only pick up part of your waste. It is very helpful to us if you can separate these types of waste at the curb. Also brush should be less than six feet long so that it will fit our compactor.

Unfortunately there are some things that we do not pickup. We are not able to take liquid paint or motor oil products to the landfill. If you have partial paint cans, they must be dried and solid. This can be done quickly by adding cat litter. Please leave your paint cans open when you place them at the curb for pick up. Motor oil should be taken to the recycle center. We do not pickup shingles, siding, or construction waste. If you hire a contractor to work on your home, please make sure they understand that they must dispose of this waste and that we do not allow burning on the grounds. If you are having trees removed, make sure the contractor removes the debris.

If you ever have any special requests (furniture, appliances, that sort of thing) or any questions about any of our Assembly Public Works, please call us, 828-452-5911. Also check our website www.lakejunaluskacommunity.com for holiday schedules, recycling pickup information, and other news.