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Road Scholar

Road Scholar is the name for the programs developed and offered by Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning since 1975.Our mission is to empower adults to explore the world's places, peoples, cultures and ideas, and in doing so more about themselves.   A fellowship of learning and the joy of discovery are the hallmarks of the Road Scholar experience.

Road Scholar, the not-for-profit leader in educational travel since 1975, offers 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countrires. Alongside local and renowned experts, experience in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning opportunities, from cultural tours and study cuises to walking, biking and more.

To register, contact the National Road Scholar Office at 1-877-426-8056 or online at For more information, email or call 828-452-2881, ext 384, or (toll free) 1-800-482-1442, ext 384. For a full program description, please visit, or select your program below. Directions to Lake Junaluska.

Upcoming Events

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park: An American Treasure
    September 7–12
    Program # 20552
    The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the nation. Do more than just visit! Experience this national treasure in a memorable way as you visit the Cherokee Reservation, spend time at a Ranger Station and help with on-going research into the effects of air pollution in the park. Go into the Cataloochee Valley to visit buildings dating from the 20th century and observe the elk reintroduction project first-hand. Read More
  • American Folk Song; Incredible Edibles and Traditional Medicinals; Humor and Stress
    September 28–October 3
    Program # 21474
    Trace tune families from the British Isles expressed in the form of ballads, hymns, tavern songs often dealing with songs of seduction and how they changed or did not change after crossing the Atlantic arriving on the southern shores of Appalachia. Join an experienced “wildcrafter” to encounter the greatest diversity of plant species in North America. Energize yourself with the laughter and humor found in everyday living. Learn strategies to utilize the effects of laughter to de-stress, brighten your attitudes, and enrich your relationships by increasing your HQ (Humor Quotient). Read More
  • America Sings; Soldiers of the Civil War; Boogeymen, Witches and Mountain Haints
    October 12–17
    Program # 21342
    Take a delightful journey through our American popular music. Beginning with the Psalm singing of the Pilgrims, we’ll explore the folk music tradition, the Black musical experience, minstrels, Stephen Foster, Vaudeville, and early musical theater.Examine local reaction to the War as we discuss equipment, camp life, the Cherokee Legion, Stoneman's raid, the surrender of Waynesville, Kirk's raid and other local events. Get a tingle up your spine with famous, infamous, traditional, and even personal superstitions, ghost stories, and ballads with a noted folklorist and musician steeped in local culture. Read More
  • Bon Fires, Magic Wells and Spirits of the Air, Mountain Folklore, Jewish and Christian Dialogue.
    October 26–31
    Program # 21341
    Search the Celtic past to understand ancient festivals such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve and May Day, identify the roots of Appalachian folklore in four categories: transplanted folklore; native folklore; history becoming folklore; and current folklore, and explore the religious/theological beliefs and practices that unite and divide Christians and Jews as we try to better understand both groups and explore possibilities toward advancing the Jewish-Christian dialogue. Read More
  • Scottish Christmas Customs, Appalachian Christmas, Christmas Movies
    November 30–December 5
    Program # 20308
    Take a look at our holiday Christmas and New Year’s traditions from Britain.The emphasis is on the Celts and Scotland, from Celtic festivals to the coming of Christianity and the Reformation to modern day. Explore the Christmas customs of the Southern Appalachian peoples including the Cherokee. Discuss and view portions of not only the best-known Christmas films but also some of the more obscure works. Read More