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Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Association

Greetings from the Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Association! Discover the most current information regarding the LJS Alumni Associations' efforts to connect with Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni.

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Greetings from YOUR Board of Directors of the Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Association! In 2010, this wonderful organization was founded as an extension of the ministry of the Lake Junaluska Singers and since that time, YOUR board has been very busy working to fulfill our mission:

To CELEBRATE the past,
SUPPORT the present
and CULTIVATE the future ministry
of the Lake Junaluska Singers.

I am humbled and honored to work with this superb group of people, as we see seek opportunities to build community and further the ministry of the Lake Junaluska Singers. For those of you who may not be aware, in 2008 the Conference of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church voted to cease apportion funding and have all Ministry Programming events become self-sustaining over the next four years. Well, that time came in 2012 and as of last year, the Lake Junaluska Singers successfully funded themselves for the first time in their 50+ year history! As wonderful as that accomplishment is, this fund raising effort is an annual commitment if we want to continue spreading the gospel through the Singers. In 2010, esteemed director, Dr. Glenn Draper, retired and Dr. Melodie Galloway assumed the leadership of the Junaluska Singers. In her short tenure she has made great strides to further the legacy and impact the Singers have had throughout the world for decades.

I am sure you are wondering by now, “but, what can I do to have a part in continuing this wonderful ministry?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are some concrete things that you can do to help us.

  1. Pray – Pray for God’s leadership and guidance in all aspects of the ministry of the Lake Junaluska Singers and for Lake Junaluska and its leadership
  2. Join the LJSAA – click on the Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Association logo at the bottom of this page and you will be able to join the LJSAA right away.
  3. Host a Concert – If you or your home church would like to host the Junaluska Singers in concert, please email us at and we will provide you with all the information you will need to further this vital ministry.

I hope that you will seek out an opportunity to hear the Lake Junaluska Singers either at a concert at Lake Junaluska this summer or on one of their many mini-tours this year. The “light” carried by the Lake Junaluska Singers is very bright, but it is up to all of us to occasionally help fill the lamp…God’s Peace,

Patrick Vaughn
LJSAA, President

2016 Concerts and Packages

July 3 & 4 - Independence Day package 
August 5 & 6 - August Singers package 
September 30 & October 1 - Fall Singers package 
December 9 & 10 - Appalachian Christmas package

Ticket Information

Reserved Seating: TBA
General Admission Seating: TBA
Youth 18 and under are free in General Admission Seating only

 Lake Junaluska Singers Alumni Board:

Pat Vaughn, President
Camilla Pruitt, Vice President
Kara Beth Vance, Secretary
Talana Bell Wilkins, Treasurer
Lynne McNeil Swafford, Immediate Past President
Daniel Varnell, Membership (appointed)
John Murphy, Archivist (appointed)
Martha Brown Class of 2012-14
Jay Lifford Class of 2012-14
Beth McNeil Marks, Nominations Class of 2012-14
Lynn Urda, Nominations Class of 2012-14
Lisa Haywood Wiggins, Development Class of 2012-14
Woody Wiggins Class of 2012-14
Elise Bacon Class of 2013-15
Ashley Bailey, Communications Class of 2013-15
Paula Garber, Development Class of 2013-15
Art O’Neil, Development (chair) Class of 2013-15
Debra Lee Reardon Williamson Class of 2013-15
Paula Bradford Wilson, Nominations Class of 2013-15