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 Coaching Skills for Ministry

Offered via Zoom Video Conferencing on Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15 pm EST

January 24; February 7, 28; March 7, 21; April 18; May 2, 16, 2017

Sponsored by the Intentional Growth Center

Participants in this training will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of coaching and the distinction between coaching and therapy, consulting and mentoring.
  • Observe and debrief LIVE coaching sessions by the presenter.
  • Learn core coaching skills that can be incorporated into their work setting.
  • Have opportunities to practice these coaching skills and receive feedback.
  • Experience a combination of coaching theory and practice.
  • Learn a model for having a "coaching conversation."

This virtual seminar will be offered on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:15 pm EST from January 24; February 7, 28; March 7, 21; April 18; May 2, 16, 2017. We will use the powerful Zoom Video Conference technology which will allow us to see presentations live online as well as have interactive video conferencing, including breakout groups. The sessions will require access to the Internet; participants are encouraged to use a computer, phone, or tablet with a camera to connect. 

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Are you ready for a more extensive coach training workshop that can help you get your coach credentials? Coach Training for Leaders may be for you! Our credentialing path programs equip you with transformational coaching skills and culminate in attainment of your coach credentials. The six-month training program involved 60 hours of experiential face-to-face learning using quality materials and led by excellent, experienced coaches and trainers. This training also features mentor coaching, which helps new coaches hone their skills.

Visit for more information, or contact the Intentional Growth Center