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From Membership to Discipleship

August 20-22, 2014

In a culture where the Church seems to have lost much of its relevance there is no greater need than the making of mature disciples. Yet, in spite of the fact that this is the very reason we exist, a significant percentage of our congregations struggle with how to build a process for making disciples.

This seminar provides a step-by-step process for building a discipleship process in your ministry context, including:

  • Foundations – clearly defining discipleship and understanding how maturity is developed
  • Movements – understanding the catalysts and practices for supporting spiritual growth
  • Discipleship as a Contact Sport - discipleship happens in relationships. Discover which types of relationships are most helpful at different points along the journey
  • The Discipleship Cycle – supporting the growth of disciples through phases of development
  • A System for Intentional Discipleship – learning from the best in history at making disciples (Jesus, The Apostle Paul, John Wesley) participants build a process for their ministry context

You, and your team, will leave this event with clear next steps for strengthening the discipling ministry in your local congregation.

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