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Native American Summer Conference

June 26-28, 2015

The weekend will be headlined by Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls. There will be a small Pow Wow, Native vendors, classes on addictions, suicide prevention, and bullying. There will be a Youth Track and child care will be available. This will be a SEJANAM Summer Conference unlike anything you have ever seen!

The Southeastern Jurisdictional Association on Native American Ministries (SEJANAM) was created by Native Americans and established by the 1984 Jurisdictional Conference to help create: Awareness and Dialogue, New Congregations and Ministries, Leadership Enlistment and Training, Inter-Tribal Witness/Sharing, Cross Cultural Witness/Sharing, and Sensitivity to Inclusiveness. SEJANAM serves the fifteen annual conferences of the SEJ, twenty-three Native American churches, three ministries of the SEJ, and seeks to serve approximately 210,000 Native Americans of the nine southeastern states of the SEJ.