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2014 Peace Conference


  1. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and the Realization of the Global Right to Health for All
    Presenter: Dr. Christoph Benn
  2. How Can We Support Programs That Prevent Needless Maternal and Child Deaths?
    Presenter: Dr. Henry Perry
  3. Leading Causes of Life
    Presenter: Larry Pray, Co-Author of the book, "Leading Causes of Life".
  4. Global Health Priorities of the United Methodist Church: a reflection on impact, investment, values and health around the world.
    Presenter: Shannon Trilli, Director of Global Health for UMCOR
  5. From Local Congregations to Global Health Through Faith Community Nursing and Health Ministry
    Presenter: Sharon Hinton, Nurse Consultant/UMCOR
  6. Housing as Health: Older Adults and Where They Live
    Presented by MAHEC/Council on Aging of Buncombe County, NC. Presenters: Dr. Megan Dunay, MD, MPH, along with Dr. Annette Beyea DO, and Dr. Amanda Williams, MD.
  7. A Community's Effort to Help Persons In and Out of Prison find Wholeness and Wellness
    Presenter: Sheriff Greg Christopher, Haywood County, NC
  8. Food and Nutrition Issues as Leading Causes of Life
    Presenter: Lauren Wood, Program & Research Coordinator, Global Food & Nutrition, Inc.
  9. Congregational Health Network (Memphis Model)
    Presenter: Rev. Bobby Baker
  10. Kabbalah: A Path of Mindful Mysticism for Healing and Repairing the World
    Presenters: Rabbi Sigal Brier, Rabbi of Kesher Shalom Congregation, Abingdon, PA
  11. Traditional Islamic Healing and Medicine
    Presenter: Hakim Mirza Ilyas al-Kashani, from American Muslim Health Professionals
  12. Integrative Medicine
    Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Feldman, Center for Integrative Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine
  13. Christian Science
    Presenter: Christine Driessen, Christian Science Board of Lectureship
  14. Gun Violence
    Presenter: Bill Mefford, Director of Human and Civil Rights, United Methodist Board of Church and Society
  15. Cherokee Spirituality and Healing Practices
    Presenter: Freeman Owle, Cherokee, NC