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SHIFTS: Guiding the Congregation Toward Effectiveness

August 18-20, 2014

Are you serving one of the congregations from all over the country are seeking to live into their potential, reach their communities, and transform lives in the name of Jesus? This could be just the help you are looking for! The investment of just a couple of days could transform your ministry. Let us help you take a step back to see the ‘big picture’ of your ministry systems and some ‘best practices’ to lead your congregation toward greater health and vitality.

The workshop is built around five ‘shifts’ to move your congregation forward:

  • From Fellowship to Hospitality
  • From Worship as an event to Worship as a Lifestyle
  • From Membership to Discipleship
  • From ‘Serve Us’ to Service
  • From Survival to Generosity

You and your team will leave this event with a plan for moving your congregation, in its context, into a healthier future!

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