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July 13–17, 2014

How relevant are Psalms of Praise, Petition, Pilgrimage, Wisdom, and Trusts? Find out at the 2014 SOULfeast at Lake Junaluska, NC!

SOULfeast is truly a spiritual feast for all God’s people who are in search of rest, renewal, and an authentic experience rooted in the great traditions of the church and the emerging fresh new Christian voices. Some of the workshops are designed for church leaders who long for spiritual vitality in their ministries, while other workshops are created for persons longing for personal renewal and a deeper awareness of God’s presence. The afternoon workshops engage a more creative side and encourage participants to see how favorite hobbies like reading, art, photography, among others, can enhance the spiritual life. As always, SOULfeast continues to be one of the few intergenerational and family retreat weeks still available. Our participants are all ages, and come from across the country, and across the church. All are welcome.

SOULfeast is a perfect gathering place for Upper Room networks including Walk to Emmaus, Academy for Spiritual Formation, Companions in Christ, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Fellowship of United Methodist Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders (FUMSDRL), and the Spiritual Formation Alliance, among others.

Enjoy five days of Sabbath rest and renewal, engaging workshops, challenging speakers, and uplifting worship. Visit http://soulfeast.upperroom.org/ to register.

Sponsored by Upper Room Ministries in collaboration with Lake Junaluska Ministry Event.

Elizabeth Redman at 877-899-2780, ext. 7250 or 615-340-7250.

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