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Walking our Prayers: Part 1 (Amy Martin) Discover the history behnd walking the labyrinth and let yourself be guided through this spirtual activity. The workshop includes time to walk and pray at the Labyrinth beside the Chapel.

Walking our Prayers: Part 2 ( Amy Martin) Walking and praying as you travel along a guided prayer path around the Lake Junaluska Walking Trail (2.6 miles). The workshop offers ways to personalize your experience and can accommodate different distances. Amy will lead a walk following the introductory meeting or participants may choose to explore eat their own pace.

An Introduction to Taize: (Daniel Craig) This session will show you how to create a meaningful service in the manner of Taize using materials you already have in your church. We will then worship with a short time of prayer and music in the Taize tradition.

Spiritual Formation for the Choral Singer: (Daniel Craig) So many times choir members get too caught up in the activity of leading worship and lose sight of the mystery of worship. This session will focus on resources and great ideas for choir members to move beyond the process of worship and become more spiritually mindful.

Optional Sectional Rehearsals: (Gary Smith, tenor & bass; Ginger Wyrick, soprano & alto) Good old fashioned note-pounding for anyone who wants more than the sectional rehearsals provided. All requested anthems will be covered. Previous workshop participants have requested this to feel more secure singing their parts.

Choral and Vocal Techniques: (Ginger Wyrick) This workshop explores the vocal instrument an includes breathing, phonation and diction. Learn how your internal plumbing works, how to sing with freedom, and how singers pronounce words to blend as a choir. Experience each element through a series of vocal exercises that you can do on your own or with your choir. This session is recommended for singers, directors, and those who are simply curious!

Beginning Handbells: (Gary & Diane Short) For those who want to try ringing or are just starting out. No experience necessary. We will cover all the basics. Come and have fun learning a new instrument.

Ensemble Ringing: (Gary & Diane Short) When you don’t have enough ringers for a full choir or you want a challenge, start a bell ensemble. We’ll cover techniques used, ensemble music, and how to ring so many bells. We’ll rehearse some ensemble pieces.

Crafting: (Claudia Smith) The craft room will be open Saturday afternoon. Crafters are welcome to come and go as they wish. Join us for fellowship around the table as we create with a variety of materials.There will be several projects to entice your creative soul! 

Hymnal Past...Hymnal Future: (Jackson Henry and Gary Smith) Did you know that the United Methodist General Conference authorized the creation of a new denominational hymnal? And did you know that our own Jackson Henry will be intimately involved with the project? Come join Gary Smith, the Editorial Manager of the current (1989) United Methodist Hymnal, and Jackson, as we discuss the process of creating this new collection and how it compares to past hymnals. Denominational hymnals are a once-in-a-generation event, so get the "skinny" on this generation's book of prayer and praise.