Music & Worship Arts Week

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Music & Worship Arts Week

June 25–30, 2017

A multi-generational event of arts, praise, and renewal in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Music & Worship Arts Week is especially designed for those who want to sing, dance, or act all week, as well as for those who lead these ministries in local congregations. It is sponsored by the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts.

When we engage with the Book of Acts, we discover rich stories full of extraordinary people. As we focus our worship and study on these stories, we find ourselves moved to cultivate in our own lives the same bracing virtues these extraordinary people strove to display: prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, and love.

For more information, visit their website, email, or call 800-952-8977.

The Fellowship is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and support worship arts that lead to spiritual growth and faith formation and relationships that lead to hospitality, fellowship, and nurture. The Fellowship is called to minister through creative gifts to foster worship that makes disciples of Jesus Christ.