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Sermon  Sale!

Give someone a gift of spiritual enrichment and encouragement with a set of quality sermons and speaches by some of the most influential preachers in the Church.

Perfect resource for a Sunday School or bible study, staff and leadership retreats, home-bound congregation members or personal study. Recorded at Lake Junaluska in the historic Stuart Auditorium, be inspired and renewed by the words of Adam Hamilton, Leonard Sweet, and Trevor Hudson.
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The Adam Hamilton Series- Church Revitalization: Keynote at 2012 Western North Carolina Annual Conference(3 sessions)
$10 / DVD, $25 / set
$6 / CD, $15 / set

  • Session 1 – Leadership
  • Session 2- Outstanding, Meaningful, and Inspiring Worship and Preaching
  • Session3 - Evangelism in the Future of Methodism

The Leonard Sweet Series- 2013 Holston Ministers’ Convocation (4 sessions)
$10 / DVD, $30 / set
$6 / CD, $20 / set

  • Session 1- Rise Above It
  • Session 2- "TGIF"
  • Session 3- What Keeps Your Clay Moist?
  • Session 4- The Discipline of Historical Context

The Trevor Hudson Series -SoulFeast 2013- (5 sessions)
$10 / DVD, $40 / set
$6 / CD, $25 / set

  • Session 1- The Holy Spirit as a Gift
  • Session 2- The Spirit That Brings Us Alive
  • Session 3- Exploring How the Spirit of God Draws Us into Community
  • Session 4- Transformation
  • Session 5- Mission: Becoming an Easter Person in a Good Friday World

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Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of The United Methodist Churchof the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, one of the fastest growing, mosthighly visible churches in the country. The Church Report namedHamilton’s congregation the most influential mainline church in Americaand PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly identified him as one of the“Ten People to Watch.”

Leonard I. Sweet is an American theologian, church historian,pastor, and author.He currently serves as the E. Stanley JonesProfessor of Evangelism at Drew Theological School at Drew University,in Madison, NJ. Author of more than 200 hundred articles, 1300+published sermons, and more than fifty books, Leonard Sweet’spublications include the best sellers Soul Tsunami, Aqua Church, JesusManifesto (with Frank Viola), and Jesus: A Theography (with FrankViola), as well as many other volumes that are revolutionizing thechurch’s mission.

Trevor Hudson has been part of the Methodist movement insouthern Africa for over 35 years. Serving primarily aroundJohannesburg, South Africa, he is deeply committed to the work andministry of the local congregation.Currently, Hudson is part of thepastoral team at Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni. His leadershiphas been shaped in the crucible of the South African experience. In thepost-apartheid era, he has been a leading voice in reconciliation andrestoration in the Christian community.