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Our store makes available Junaluska-themed items from Junaluska Gifts & Grounds, and also event recordings from the taping office in Stuart auditorium.  

Just make your selection from the drop-down menu below in order to browse.  

And we appreciate your support of Lake Junaluska.

Summer Worship 2017
Sermon recordings from Junaluska's 2017 summer worship series.

For more information including speaker listings, visit:

1 Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell DVD  $15.00 
2 Rev. Bob Bowling DVD  $15.00 
3 Rev. Mary Beth Blinn DVD  $15.00 
4 Bishop Sharma Lewis DVD  $15.00 
1 Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell CD  $10.00 
2 Rev. Bob Bowling CD  $10.00 
3 Rev. Mary Beth Blinn CD  $10.00 
4 Bishop Sharma Lewis CD  $10.00