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Giving: Your donations at work

Lake Junaluska completed many projects in 2015, made possible because of generous contributions by individuals dedicated to the mission of Lake Junaluska. This includes the new boat launch and fishing pier and a new playground.

These projects are only the start of many more good things to come. When you visit Lake Junaluska we hope that you will not only enjoy these improvements, but that you will be inspired to help assure a bright future for us. By making a gift to the Annual Fund you give us the flexibility to continue investing in improvements to recreation programs, facilities, community programs, and enhancements of the beauty of the ground as well as the quality of life for everyone who visits Lake Junaluska. Contact the Lake Junaluska Development Office at 828-454-6680 or donate online.

Lake Junaluska Playground

New Playground

Thanks to a generous gift by the Lake Junaluska Associates, the new playground opened in 2015. Designed to create spaces ideal for exploration and adventure, the new playground will model our unique mountain setting while creating an environment perfect for children, parents, and grandparents to enjoy. 

When you walk past the J.B. Ivey Playground, you see children running, laughing, and playing on the grassy hills and slide. Over the past year, hundreds of local families and those attending conferences at Lake Junaluska had the opportunity to bring their children to the playground.

Because of the contributions of the Associates, many families not only have a space to explore natural landscapes and climbing structures, but they have a space where their imaginations can soar. Below are two testimonies from local families who frequently enjoy visiting the playground.

“Our family loves coming out to the new playground for picnics and after-school fun.  Our son (18 months) could spend all day rolling up and down the hills while our daughter (5 yrs) can’t get enough of the slide and [ropes thing].  It’s a lovely space and we’re very thankful to have it here.”    Brad and Barby Bowser

“One of our family’s favorite warm-weather activities is to head over to the Junaluska playground.  Isabella and Tomás love to see who can come up with the silliest way to go down the slide – on their tummies, upside down, backwards.  Some days we don’t leave until the sun sets and it gets too dark to see.  The playground is a wonderful resource to have so close to home, and the kids always have a ball there.” Will and Sendy Crenshaw