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The Lake Junaluska Singers Circle

For more than 60 years, the Lake Junaluska Singers have been inspiring audiences, both at the lake and throughout the Southeast. Because of you and your generous support, each year the Singers present music that brings a message of hope and inspiration through excellence in choral music. 

The future of this important ministry relies heavily on the financial support we receive from support groups and individuals. Gifts of $500 or more will make you a member of the Lake Junaluska Singers Circle. All gifts to the Lake Junaluska Singers Circle are tax deductible and will be recognized in the Lake Junaluska Annual Report.

For more information about the Lake Junaluska Singers Circle please contact the Lake Junaluska Office of Development at 828-454-6680 or

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Phone Donations

To make a donation by phone, call the Office of Development 
at 828-454-6680 or toll free at 866-256-1079.

Mail Donations

Download and mail Annual Fund Donation Form (.pdf)

To make a donation by mail, send to
Lake Junaluska Assembly Inc. 
The Office of Development 
PO Box 67
Lake Junaluska, NC 28745

Lyman Hinson, Lake Junaluska Singer

2016 Lake Junaluska Singer Spotlight: Lyman Hinson

"I can’t wait to be with a group of people who love music, love each other, and love God." - Lyman Hinson

Voice Part: Tenor
Years in the Lake Junaluska Singer: First Year
What led you to join the Lake Junaluska Singers? Many moons ago my grandmother discovered this beautiful lake in North Carolina and this organization that sang at it. She dreamed that one day I might audition for it, given my natural affiliation with singing. She mentioned it to me, and I decided to give them a shot. After listening to a few of their songs I fell in love with them and did all I could to join this magnificent choir. I am living a dream-come-true for me and grandmamma.
What do you plan to do after you complete your time with the Lake Junaluska Singers? My current plan is to graduate with a Vocal Education degree from Berry College and go on to get a graduate degree in conducting at another institute for higher learning to become a professor of choral music at a college somewhere in the world.

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