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Lake Junaluska Community



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About The Community

Lake Junaluska is an unincorporated community under the direction of The Lake Junaluska Assembly Board of Trustees of The United Methodist Church. It is home to the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, the World Methodist Council, and Intentional Growth Center. People of all denominations are welcome to visit and live in the community. Lake Junaluska had its beginnings in 1908 with the Laymen’s Conference of The Methodists Episcopal Church, South, where it was decided that a great Assembly should be built in the Southeast.  On June 25, 1913, the first conference takes place on the new Assembly grounds- the Second General Missionary Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. By the end of 1913, thirteen private homes had been built, the large auditorium is finished, and the dam is completed and water is beginning to fill the lake.

Today, there are approximately 850 residential property owners and about half of these are year-round residents. The total area of Lake Junaluska's grounds is about 1,200 acres, with lake itself measuring approximately 200 acres at an elevation of 2,560 feet above sea level. The dam is 900 feet long and 60 feet high at the highest point. Lake Junaluska Assembly Public Works provides a variety of services to the community, including water/sewer service, stormwater management, street maintenance, and garbage collection. 


Community Organizations

The Lake Junaluska community is blessed with several active resident organizations:

The Presidents of The Junaluskans, LJAPOO, The Associates and the Chair of JACC are members of the LJA Board of Directors. The musically gifted may join The Haywood Community Chorus, sponsored by the Junaluskans, or enjoy the music of The Junaluska Singers. There are also many small fellowship groups, organized by the Junaluskans, that meet in settings unique to each group. Events such as Road Scholar, Vesper Services, concerts, and festivals provide special opportunities for residents and guests. 


Recreational Activities & Facilities

At Lake Junaluska, you will find two museums: the World Methodist Council Museum, home to the largest collection of artifacts commemorating the earliest beginnings of the Wesleyan movement, as well as the SEJ Heritage Center and Museum, which offers an extensive collection of artifacts on the history of Lake Junaluska and the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. Also be sure to stop by Junaluska Gifts & Grounds for a hot cup of coffee or unique gift, connect with a good book at the Lake Junaluska Library in Harrell Center, or visit the Lake Junaluska Golf Course to take in a round on this beautiful 18-hole course. During summer, take a dip in the pool at the Lake Junaluska Aquatic Center, paddle across the lake on a canoe, kayak or paddleboard, or play a game of tennis, mini golf or shuffleboard. The 24-hour Lake Junaluska Fitness Center, a partnership with Agape Senior and Pfeiffer University, offers flexible memberships and a variety of workout equipment for those looking to improve or maintain fitness. If some quiet contemplation or a peaceful connection with nature is sought, Lake Junaluska offers several beautiful venues, such as the Corneille Bryan Native Gardens, Susanna Wesley Gardens, Biblical Garden, Inspiration Point, as well as the Lake Junaluska Walking Trail, Rose Walk, and Memorial Chapel labrynth. Junaluskans are proud of the beauty, history and unique nature of their community.

The Conference & Retreat Center offers Recreational Passes for the pool, boat rentals, and equipment rental for tennis, mini golf and shuffleboard. Recreational Passes may be purchased on a daily or seasonal basis, and discounts are offered for Lake Junaluska property owners. 

Map of Lake Junaluska (pdf)


The Conference and Retreat Center

The Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center is a year-round facility operated by The Lake Junaluska Assembly Board of Trustees. There are approximately 700 hotel rooms and apartments, varied food service venues, meeting rooms, RV and camping sites, and recreational facilities. The historic Stuart Auditorium seats approximately 2,000 and serves as a wonderful musical and performing arts venue, as well as a meeting space for large conference groups. Each year, the Conference and Retreat Center hosts hundreds of events and groups of varying sizes, denominations, and purposes, as well as leisure travelers from around the world. Many of the events and activities at Lake Junaluska are open to the community and can be seen on the event calendar Meeting rooms and catering services are also available through the Conference Center.


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