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As adopted by the Lake Junaluska Assembly Board of Trustees
PO Box 67, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
October 2017


Lake Junaluska Assembly is a religious assembly ground whose charter provides that it was established for the benefit of the United Methodist Church as “a resort for religious, charitable, educational and benevolent purposes…” It is empowered to make rules and regulations by and through its duly elected Board of Trustees. The Assembly is dedicated to the training, edification and inspiration of people who are interested in and concerned with Christian principles and concepts.  

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the power granted in the charter and the conditions, covenants, and restrictions set out in the deeds from the LJA Board of Trustees, its predecessor the Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council and its predecessor, the Southern Assembly, and the power reserved in said deeds, and for the purpose of preserving and maintaining the Assembly’s unique, religious community character, the following rules and regulations are hereby adopted by the LJA Board of Trustees and shall be binding on the owners of all property located within the Lake Junaluska grounds or any visitors using the common areas or facilities of the Lake Junaluska Assembly grounds to-wit:

1. These rules and regulations are intended to be readily available to the public and all persons shall abide by these rules while on the Assembly grounds.  

2. In addition to these Rules and Regulations, all lot owners and any visitors to their property shall strictly comply with all the conditions, agreements, restrictions and covenants set forth in such lot owners’ chain of title. Property owners are responsible for advising their visitors and invitees, including tenants, of the rules and regulations and are responsible for seeing that their visitors, invitees, and tenants comply with these rules and regulations.  

3. No open carry of firearms is allowed within LJA common areas and all public vehicle areas. There shall be no weapons, open or concealed, inside Lake Junaluska Assembly owned buildings.   

4. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances as defined and set forth under Chapter 90, Article 5 of the General Statutes of North Carolina (excluding drugs prescribed by a physician for the person in possession thereof) are allowed on or in property owned by Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc.  

5. Persons at Lake Junaluska are prohibited from wearing attire which contains profanity, gang identification or symbols and/or nude or semi-nude pictures or drawings.  

6. In all areas where sidewalks or footpaths are provided walking pedestrians shall be encouraged to use them. In those areas where there are no such separate facilities, pedestrians shall walk facing traffic.  

7. Roller blades, roller skates and skate boards shall not be allowed on the walking paths, sidewalks, and roadways of Lake Junaluska Assembly.   

8. Bicycles or other operator powered wheeled vehicles shall not be allowed on sidewalks or the walking trail. Such vehicles shall be ridden in the roadway, and operated so that the vehicle flows with traffic, not against it. Exceptions to this rule shall be made to accommodate persons with handicapping conditions and for young children on tricycles or bicycles with training wheels, when the child is accompanied by an adult.  

9. Golf carts shall be operated only by properly licensed drivers and in public areas used by motor vehicles.No golf carts shall carry more persons than can be properly seated in the vehicle. If on the roads afterdark, golf carts shall have properly functioning headlights and taillights.  

10. For the safety of the general public, when dogs are outside the boundaries of their owners’ lot theowner shall keep them on a leash which is no longer than 5 feet in length. In addition, the owner shall beresponsible for cleaning up any dog feces their dog produces. On the dog owners’ property, whenoutside the home, dogs shall be kept either on a leash or properly enclosed within a fenced area or in apen at all times. All animals must be kept in compliance with applicable County and State laws andordinances.  

11. No boats using gasoline or diesel fuel will be allowed on the lake except for boats operated or permittedby Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc.  

12. To protect the privacy rights of residents and visitors, drones may be operated within LJA only with thewritten permission of each property owner over which the craft flies.  

13. All motor vehicles parked within the grounds of the Lake Junaluska Assembly shall be required to havevalid license plates. Vehicles which don’t meet these requirements shall be considered a nuisancevehicle and written notice shall be provided to the owner thereof. The owner of such nuisance vehicleshall have 30 days to correct the situation by either proper licensing, or by removal of the vehicle fromwithin the grounds of The Lake Junaluska Assembly. If at the end of 30 days no action has been taken tocorrect the problem an injunction requiring removal may be sought.  

14. Each owner shall pay such service charges as are fixed from time to time by the Lake JunaluskaAssembly, Inc. Board of Trustees for the purpose of paying reasonable and specific expenses associatedwith the upkeep, maintenance and related costs that benefit residents of the Assembly grounds, whichmay include, but not be limited to, security protection, street maintenance, street lighting, drainagemaintenance, garbage and trash collection, and administrative costs of Lake Junaluska Assembly inproviding such services.  

15. All property shall be well maintained, in good repair, and free of trash and other debris, including butnot limited to the following requirements:
a) Turf grass lawns shall be mowed at least every 30 days during the growing season and theheight of such grass shall not exceed 9 inches.
b) Each owner shall keep and maintain each lot and structure owned by them, as well as landscaping located thereon, in good condition and repair, including but not limited to,
(b1.) The repairing and painting (or other appropriate external care of all structures),
(b2.)The seeding, watering, and mowing of all lawns, and
(b3.)The pruning and trimming of all trees, hedges, and shrubbery so that the same are not obstructive of a view by motorists or pedestrians of street traffic.
c) Vegetation shall be maintained and debris removed in a manner to reasonably prevent fire andhealth hazards and eliminate habitat for rodents, snakes, or other wild animals.
d) The exterior areas of any dwelling shall not be used for long-term storage of appliances orupholstered furniture, except that furniture specifically manufactured for exterior use.

16. No hogs, chickens, horses, or cattle shall be kept on the premises and no buildings or stables for housingthe same shall be erected thereon.  

17. Property owners and renters shall not place any object such as automobiles, garbage cans, material tobe recycled, brush, grass clippings, leaves or other yard debris or rubbish on property not owned bythemselves or their landlord without permission.  

18. Prior to a structure being placed on a lot or before additions or changes to existing structures are made,the owner shall submit plans thereof to the office of the Director of Assembly Public Works for reviewand to confirm that the planned structures meet setback requirements as delineated in the "Restrictionsin Standard Deed from Lake Junaluska Assembly Inc."  

19. No house trailer, temporary living quarters, manufactured home, or movable or portable dwelling shallbe permitted to permanently remain on Lake Junaluska property, whether privately owned or owned bythe Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc. A “manufactured home” is a structure, transportable in one or moresections, which, in the traveling mode, is eight (8) feet or more in width or is forty (40) feet or more inlength, or when erected on site, is three hundred twenty (320) or more square feet, and which is builton a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundationwhen connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning andelectrical systems contained therein. A “manufactured home” does not include a modular home whichis designed to meet the North Carolina State Building Code and to be assembled and placed on apermanent foundation. Small, enclosed trailers or portable buildings for storage of tools duringconstruction of a building are permitted during a reasonable period of construction. Open trailers,recreational vehicles and boats may be parked in residential driveways, unless prohibited by covenants.No recreational vehicle shall be used as a rental unit or as a temporary dwelling.  

20. All docks in or on the lake at Lake Junaluska are owned, maintained, and controlled by Lake JunaluskaAssembly, Inc. No new docks in or on the lake will be approved for use by private property owners.  

21. Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc., and Security may ban individuals for certain acts, at discretion ofSecurity, by issuing a Trespassing Notice in accordance with North Carolina G.S. 14-159.13  

22. Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc., shall have the right to enforce, by any proceeding at law or in equity, allrestrictions, conditions, covenants, reservations, liens and charges now or hereafter imposed by theprovisions of these Rules and Regulations and imposed by recorded covenants in the chain of title ofproperty owners. Failure by Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc. to enforce any restrictions, conditions,covenants, reservations, liens and charges now or hereafter imposed shall in no event be deemed awaiver of the right to do so thereafter.


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