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2020 Discover Magazine

Discover 2020 cover of kayakers

This issue of Discover Magazine focuses on how the lake is the center of community life. More than a body of water, Lake Junaluska connects people to each other, to their families, to nature, to God and to themselves. We invite you to come find renewal for your soul, mind and body along the shores of Lake Junaluska.

For more than a century, Lake Junaluska has drawn people to its scenic beauty, natural resources and recreational opportunities. Much more than a body of water, it’s a place of living spirit, a vibrant community that welcomes all persons and offers them experiences that renew their souls, minds and bodies.

This issue dives into the role water plays in the community’s life. Within these pages, you’ll find inspiring stories of conservation, creativity, healing and recreation, and information about upcoming programs and events.

There are infinite opportunities for spending time on or by the water at Lake Junaluska all year round. Whether you wish to paddle the lake, walk the trail, explore the grounds, enjoy an event, or attend a conference or retreat, we invite you to visit Lake Junaluska and find renewal.


Past Issues

2019 Discover Magazine: Connect at Lake Junaluska

This issue focuses on the ways that people connect at Lake Junaluska — to each other, to their families, to nature, to God and to themselves. Lake Junaluska is a place where thousands gather in worship, where families create and celebrate traditions, where youth come to understand that Jesus loves them, and where, even when you’ve seen a vista hundreds of times, the beauty of the mountains still has a way of speaking to you.

Discover 2019 Connect at Lake Junaluska - Guests on Walking Trail

2018 Discover Magazine: The Music Issue

This issue of Discover Magazine celebrates these musical events and history of music at Lake Junaluska. Whether you come to attend one of the events, or you come for a vacation, a retreat or a conference, we hope that you feel that stirring within you when you visit Lake Junaluska in 2018.

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Discover Magazine 2018

2017 Discover Magazine: Soul, Mind and Body Issue

This issue of Discover Magazine is dedicated to the soul, mind and body experiences that happen every day at Lake Junaluska. Whether you come to Lake Junaluska for a business retreat, vacation or youth event, you can’t deny that there is something special about this place. It extends beyond the beauty of the lake, the comfort of the hotel rooms, the views from the rocking chairs or the friendliness of the staff. It’s the feeling you get when you’re here—a feeling that comes from having truly transformative experiences. 

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Discover Magazine 2017

2018 Discover Magazine Photo Essay and Playlist

Sweet Serenade: A Tribute to the Sounds of Lake Junaluska 

(See Discover Magazine pages 27 - 33 for the full photo essay).

These are the sounds that define Lake Junaluska. From birds singing in the trees to the worshipful hymns that echo from Stuart Auditorium on summer Sunday mornings, each sound represents a unique aspect of life at the lake. This playlist brings the photo essay to life, so as you flip through the pages of the article, listen to each corresponding track to feel as though you are truly experiencing a moment at Lake Junaluska.

  1. Listen Along With the Photo Essay Here

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