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Lake Junaluska Discover Magazine 2018

This issue of Discover Magazine celebrates the music events and history of Lake Junaluska. Whether you attend an event or come for a vacation, conference or retreat, we hope you feel a stirring within you when you visit Lake Junaluska in 2018.


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Sweet Serenade: A Tribute to the Sounds of Lake Junaluska 

(See Discover Magazine pages 27 - 33 for the full photo essay).

These are the sounds that define Lake Junaluska. From birds singing in the trees to the worshipful hymns that echo from Stuart Auditorium on summer Sunday mornings, each sound represents a unique aspect of life at the lake. This playlist brings the photo essay to life, so as you flip through the pages of the article, listen to each corresponding track to feel as though you are truly experiencing a moment at Lake Junaluska.