Greenway at Lake Junanluska

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Waynesville Greenway

The Waynesville Greenway follows Richland Creek for 5.3 miles. Visitors will enjoy hiking or biking this trail, which ends at the Waynesville Recreation Park. The addition of the connection of the Lake Junaluska Trail to the Waynesville Greenway will provide an even greater opportunity for everyone to travel between the Lake and Waynesville without having to drive.


When Driving:
-Take a left out of North Lakeshore Drive.
-Take the first right after Holston Village road to park and begin the trail.

When Walking:
-Walk left out of North Lakeshore Drive.
-Walk along the sidewalk until you are past Holston Village Road.
-Safely cross the highway within the crosswalk at the first road past Holston Village road.

The Greenway is a partnership between Waynesville, Haywood County, and NC DOT. Additional assistance has been provided by Lake Junaluska. In addition to hiking, jogging, and bicycling the greenway trail, you may enjoy the following activities: floating on the creek, fishing, and visting the various recreation areas located along the greenway.

The purpose of this greenway trail is to connect to Lake Junaluska and to provide an alternative transportation option that links businesses, schools, recreation areas, and residential communities. In addition, the greenway serves as an outdoor classroom for local schools and offers educational opportunities to help the public understand and appreciate the environmental aspects of the corridor.