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Clergy Leadership

Lake Junaluska offers countless opportunities for clergy to renew soul, mind, and body through workshops, seminars, worship, and continuing education events.  

Coaching Skills for Ministry Intentional Growth Center

Coaching Skills for Ministry

Are you ready for a more extensive coach training workshop that can help you get your coach credentials? Coach Training for Leaders may be for you! Our credentialing path programs equip you with transformational coaching skills and culminate in the attainment of your coach credentials. The six-month training program involved 60 hours of experiential face-to-face learning using quality materials and led by excellent, experienced coaches and trainers. This training also features mentor coaching, which helps new coaches hone their skills. Learn More.

Effective Business Practices Applied to Church Administration Intentional Growth Center

Effective Business Practices Applied to Church Administration

There is ample evidence of the need for ordained, diaconal, and laity training in leadership and management of small membership churches. The greatest request from pastors seeking guidance in church administration is for help deciphering financial information and budgeting. On the other hand, pastors of small membership churches that are successful take great care in marketing, sales, and promotion. A good understanding of business as it relates to the church will help a church to overcome financial challenges and to continue to grow and spread the joy of Jesus Christ. Effective Business Practices is designed to give you just that. Learn More.

Lake Junaluska Peace Conference

November 21-24, 2019

The Lake Junaluska Peace Conference is an ongoing response to God’s call to peacemaking and reconciliation. Affirming the community of Abrahamic faiths, the Peace Conference seeks to work in partnership with Christians, Jews, Muslims, and members of other religious traditions to advance the work of reconciliation and peace.  Read More