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Celebrate Lake Junaluska Day: June 25, 2021

Happy 108th Birthday to Lake Junaluska!

June 25 marks the first conference held in Stuart Auditorium in 1913. Throughout its 108-year history, Lake Junaluska has been and continues to be a place of Christian hospitality where lives are transformed through renewal of soul, mind and body.

We invite you to celebrate with us on June 25!

•  Pray for the mission and ministry of Lake Junaluska.

•  Share one of your favorite photos of Lake Junaluska on Facebook and Instagram, telling us why the lake is an important place in your life. 

•  Give to the Annual Fund so that all who visit can experience renewal at Lake Junaluska.

Your gift to the Annual Fund makes renewal possible for all ages!

Join Our Virtual & In-Person Birthday Celebration

8 a.m. Morning Prayer (Virtual Event Only) Join us via Facebook Live on the morning of June 25 as we begin the day in prayer. Then offer up your prayer for Lake Junaluska in the comments section of the livestream.

11:30 a.m.  Ringing of the Weatherby Bell (Virtual & In-person Event) You are invited to gather at the Weatherby Bell to celebrate Lake Junaluska’s 108th birthday. Ken Howle, executive director, will offer words of welcome and celebration beginning at 11:30.  Afterwards, those in attendance will be invited to take turns ringing the Weatherby Bell.  (For those unable to attend in person, this event will also be live-streamed via Facebook Live.)

A Prayer for Lake Junaluska

Offered by the Reverend Pam Carter

Lord, we still our hearts before you as we pause to give thanks. In a year when our very breath could be taken from us, when in fact the next breath was not a given for any of us, we now pause to breathe deeply, knowing your Spirit has led us through these dangers and will continue to sustain us in the days ahead.

On this day of thanksgiving, we remember those whose vision and leadership led them to seek out a home for revival and renewal. We give thanks for those who first gazed upon this place and saw in these mountains and waters a place where souls could be washed clean, where hearts could be made whole, and where the breath of God would fill countless souls, bringing peace and hope anew.

We remember that through the decades, this place has been the home of many sacred moments: the high and holy days of ordinations and consecrations, holy conferencing, robust worship, and hearty hymn singing. These ritual moments of grace and goodness have marked the chapters of so many lives and added to the history of the church. How we have missed them — and look forward to being together again in a community of grace.

We also remember the holy mundane moments, and with equal thanksgiving. Moments when our hearts communed with your divine Spirit as the silence was pierced by the sound of the geese, or the waters rippled with the gliding beauty of the swans, or the laughter of children filled the air as they played by the lake, or the exuberance of teens was felt as they walked toward the Cross.

There were also high and holy moments when your Spirit was felt so closely that the distance we sometimes might feel from you, God, was made small. How could our spirits fail to be renewed as we walked the paths at sunrise and sunset or gazed upon Inspiration Point as the light of the Cross filled the darkness?  In this place, through countless years, through wartime and peace, through times of danger or disease, in years of joy or want, your peace given to us in the very rocks and waters of these grounds was there for us, a touchstone for our lives. Here we are reminded of the grace and love of your Son Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us and sustains us through whatever challenges may come our way.

On this day, Lord, we celebrate the birthday of Lake Junaluska and sing the Psalm of the Shepherd, for indeed you have been our beloved Shepherd, leading us again and again to these still waters. You have been our Shepherd in this place, helping us to find green pastures to rest and renew our spirits. You have been our Shepherd, comforting us amid the dark valleys. You have been our Shepherd, filling our cups to overflowing as we drank from this deep well of grace. You have been our Shepherd, restoring our souls as we dwelt in this thin place, where our spirits are connected once again, year after year, to your Spirit, and we found peace and a way forward. 

So gather all your holy Saints who walked these paths and tread these waters. Remind us anew of the responsibility and joy of sustaining such a place for generations to come, that those beyond us will know your love and joy and peace in this place and call you Shepherd.  May our children and our children’s children know these waters, these stones, and the grace that fills this place.  

Holy God, we give you eternal praise and thanksgiving that on this day, and we pray for countless days to come, your word of grace will be heard here among the trees, that hymns of joy will be sung to the hills, and shouts of hallelujah will echo around these mountains as they surely do in heaven. For you alone are God, offering to each of us a love that has no boundaries, a peace that passes understanding, and a joy unspeakable — all from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

Hear now our prayer of thanksgiving and joy on this day.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the source of all grace and the giver of all life, we pray. Amen.  

Written for the June 25, 2021 celebration of Lake Junaluska Day.


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