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Festival of Wisdom and Grace Workshops

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Bishop Ken Carder

1. Ministry with the Forgotten (4-Part Series)

Bishop Ken Carder, UMC Bishop (Retired)

What do people of faith and congregations have to contribute to the well-being of those living with dementia? Drawing on personal experience and relevant information, the workshop explores dementia as a spiritual challenge and opportunity and provides motivation and guidance for individuals and congregations who seek to be in relationship with those affected by dementia.

2. Abundant Living

Rev. Betsy Hall, Author, Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Practice, Providence Church, Nashville, TN

What is abundant living to you and more importantly are you experiencing it in your second half of life? It's easy to get into a trap of thinking about what we used to do and maybe can't do now, but is that really all there is? Together let's explore what abundant living is with the intention of returning home committed to it!


3. Beads of Healing: Prayer, Trauma and Spiritual Wholeness

Kristen Vincent, Author and Speaker

We all have pain or trauma in our lives, but we don’t always know how to find peace. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to share our pain with God, including with the use of prayer beads. Through sharing excerpts from her own healing journey from childhood trauma, Kristen will help us consider the various stages of sharing our story, working through our feelings, and ultimately reaching a place of trust, gratitude, and peace.


4. Courageous Conversations

Rev. Scott Hughes, Director of Adult Discipleship: Executive Director of Congregational Vitality and Intentional Discipleship, Adult Discipleship. Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church

Participants will learn about and experience engaging in a Courageous Conversation. Courageous Conversations are structured dialogues for learning done in large and small group experiences in an environment designed for safety and bravery. Participants will learn how to design their own Courageous Conversations for their context utilizing the toolbox of resources that will be provided. Participants will also get a first-hand experience with a practice session of a Courageous Conversation styled dialogue during the session.


5. Faithful Improvisations: Creative Responses to the Challenges of Aging

Susan Carol Scott

What are creative and faithful responses to the challenge aging poses to our accustomed ways of doing, being, and valuing ourselves? We’ll explore the invitation in these challenges to be co-creators with God — bringing forth a fresh sense of vocation, rekindled reverence for mystery, and a deepened trust in God. Excerpts from the workshops leader’s book Still Praying After All These Years will be used as springboards for discussion.


6. Flourishing in Transitions

Hilda Davis, Author, Integrative Health Therapist, Coach and Counselor

Flourishing in Transition reminds us of our resilience and offers experiential tools to make the most of the spiritual, emotional, and physical resources that allow us to flourish.


7. We are the Church, Let’s Act Like It: Bible Study on Book of Acts

Linda Pevey, Author, Pastor, Bethesda UMC, Preston, MD

Earth shattering, Status quo challenging, World transforming. The early church, as described in the book of Acts, was all that and more! What can we learn from these first Christians that will help us continue the legacy of the church as a transformative presence in our community? This workshop, led by author and Pastor Linda Pevey, will inspire and empower you to think outside the box about your role in the ongoing story of the church.


8. What We Need is Here: Practicing the Heart of Christian Spirituality

L. Roger Owens, Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

So much changes as we age – not just our bodies and our minds, but our spiritual lives as well. Comfortable truths become challenged; old images of God fade away. How do we face the second half of life with spiritual integrity and trust? This workshop will explore spiritual practices from the perspective of walking into the second half of life with faith and hope, asking how they can support our life with God when so much seems to be changing.

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