Festival of Wisdom and Grace

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Festival of Wisdom and Grace Workshops

Professional Track by Patricia Sugg is for anyone working in ministry full time, part-time, or exploring Older Adult Ministry as a vocation. Choosing this track precludes taking other workshops. 1 CEU credit available. 

Theme: "Utilizing Effective Leadership/Communication Techniques to Enhance Older Adult Ministry

  • How are Older Adults the Same or Different from Other Adults?
  • Coaching Techniques that Work (Presence, Deep Listening and Powerful Questions)
  • Who-istic' Leadership (Body, Mind and Spirit)
  • Enhancing Older Adult Ministry

1.Bible Study 

George Fields, Retired UMC Clergy from South Carolina

The scripture is based on II Corinthians 5:11-21 and Colossians 3:12-17. Fields will look at forgiveness through the context of historical setting and its original meaning in the Bible. Discussion will be based on the application of forgiveness in our lives and church.

2. Helping Three Generations Forgive, Love and Pray 

Tom DeLoughry, Center for Health Management.

Learn how four Satisfaction Skills, found in the Lord's Prayer, can help grandparents, parents and teens to reduce stress, deepen forgiveness and open your heart to Love.  Then, create a cluster of coaches in your community to teach what you and they have learned.


3. Crossovers: A Relationship Reset with our Children, Parents, Grandchildren, Ourselves, and God 

Will Randolph, Director of Aging and Older Adult Ministries for the UMC Discipleship Ministries

Focused group and individual activities such as role play, recreation, and interview, will help participants step out of their current generational boundaries to crossover into the world of other generations and resolve generational conflicts. 


4. Body Movement 

Gregory Waldrop, Co-Chair of the Order of Elders in the Memphis Conference 

We are made to move!  Our lethargy deepens dis-ease and movement can magnify good health.  Through prayer postures, folk games, and frolicking fun we will find new active ways to have positive hearts and minds as we do the good work in us. All levels of mobility will enjoy this class - wheelchairs and walkers are welcome. 


5. Wings of Hope 

Pat Brandenstein, Founder of Wings of Hope Widowed Ministry

The aim of this workshop is to encourage, educate, and equip churches to develop a widowed person’s ministry. A widowed person’s ministry can serve the widowed but also be evangelistic in nature to reach the community. You will receive most of the tools required to develop a widowed person’s ministry.


6. Engaging the Generations as Encore Ambassadors for Reconciliation 

James Ludwick, Retired UMC Clergy from the Ohio Conference

As we transition into retirement, may our "Encore" be a time of positive engagement and gift expression. In this workshop, we do not lift up programs as much as a culture of engagement and relationship building.  With "forgiveness" as our conference theme, we will consider how we may bring reconciliation through the generations in our ministry of discipleship.

7. Golf Outing 

Plan to join us for a fun time during our golf outing on Tuesday morning at the Lake Junaluska Golf Course. Registration required. Cost for Green Fee/Cart is $30 extra, to be paid at the event. Led by Wade Barr.


Tammy McDowell, Assistant Director of Programming