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Lake Junaluska to offer Hurricane Evacuation Lodging


Lake Junaluska is serving as a sanctuary for those evacuating from Hurricane Florence. Special rates are available for hurricane evacuees. Call 800-222-4930 to get the special rates, or click here to book online at normal rates.

Lake Junaluska has very limited availability for pets.

Special Hurricane Evacuation Rates

The Terrace hotel: 25 percent off

Lambuth Inn: 25 percent off

Mountainview (dormitory facilities): $75

Vacation Rentals: Prices vary




At this time, we are uncertain of the impact of Hurricane Florence on the Lake Junaluska community. We anticipate heavy rains and some wind activity that could possibly result in community issues over the weekend as Florence makes landfall.

Preparations have been underway this week that include:

o  Dropping the lake to create additional capacity and avoiding flood conditions associated with the lake. Anticipated heavy rains will increase flows from the creeks into the lake.

o  Public Works has been clearing stormwater drains throughout the community to assure maximum flow capacity.

o > The conference center is providing lodging that may be available for persons seeking shelter as a result of the hurricane, offering 25 percent off for evacuees or $75 for dormitory facilities. Vacation rental homes are available as well.

o  Public Works has been making preparations for emergency call-outs resulting from wet conditions such as downed trees across LJA roads.


Preparations you should be making based on counsel from the Red Cross include:

o  Build an emergency kit with a gallon of water per person, per day (recommended 3 days), non-perishable food, a flashlight, battery-powered radio, first aid kit, medications, supplies for an infant if applicable, a multi-purpose tool, personal hygiene items, copies of important papers, cell phone chargers, extra cash, blankets, maps of the area and emergency contact information.

o  Talk with household members and create an evacuation plan.

o  Have a communication plan. Identify someone outside the impacted area to call to check-in or leave messages.

o  Stay informed. Listen to your local weather channel.

Key Phone Numbers You Should Have At Hand

Security 828-734-5575 (officer on duty)

Public Works or Security 828-452-6666 (Sheriff non-emergency dispatch in contact with LJA personnel)

Medical, Fire or Law Enforcement Emergency 9-1-1

Duke Energy Power Outage 800-POWER-ON

In the best scenario for our Lake Junaluska community, Hurricane Florence and her impacts will be minimal or none.  We just don't know.  Yet.

But as a community of faith we can be pray and be mindful of anything we can do to help those impacted by this upcoming disastrous weather event. 


Mary Bates
Lake Junaluska
PO Box 67, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745