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Lake Junaluska wins 13 marketing awards


 Lake Junaluska won 13 awards including Best in Class honors for Internet Communication in an annual awards program held recently in St. Louis, Missouri, by the United Methodist Association of Communicators.

“We are honored that our marketing staff was recognized for their creative and high-quality work,” said Ken Howle, executive director of Lake Junaluska. “The team works hard to share the story of Lake Junaluska in a way that inspires people to spend time here, find renewal and stay connected to this extraordinary place. Last year, their efforts attracted more than 50,000 overnight visitors to Lake Junaluska and to Haywood County."

Best in Class honors for Internet Communications went to both Lake Junaluska’s Instagram account and Facebook account, which tied for first place in the social media category and were submitted jointly by Mary Bates, director of marketing, and Liz Boyd, senior marketing coordinator.

Judges noted the Instagram account offers “stunning imagery” and the Facebook account has strong engagement with “well-written content” and “eye-catching” photos and videos.

Bates said compelling photos and videos have been key to sharing Lake Junaluska's beauty and mission with regional, national and worldwide audiences.

“We're fortunate to work and live in a beautiful place that people love and care about, and we want our photos and videos to remind people of what they experienced when they were here and give them a taste of what they may experience when they come,” said Bates. "We know we've done our job when our website visitors and social media followers rave about our photos and videos. We're grateful for their feedback and support."

In addition to winning awards for Internet communications, nine other Lake Junaluska communication initiatives won first-, second- or third-place in the awards programs.

The “Junaluska Weekly,” a community publication highlighting events and stories about Lake Junaluska during the summer with content created by intern Allison Melrose, won first place in the print newsletter category. Judges’ remarks said the newsletter offered a sense of what was going on and “most importantly why it mattered.”

In the website category, Lake Junaluska’s website,, tied for first place with judges noting the site is “beautifully laid out” and “simple to use.”

The Lake Junaluska marketing team claimed second place finishes for a photo series with a photo essay titled “Sweet Serenade” that was published in Discover magazine; for campaign and strategic planning with the 2018 Summer Youth Events campaign; and for a single publicity or advertising piece with the personal retreats booklet.

Lake Junaluska tied for second place for writing with "Home Stage Advantage," a story about Balsam Range at Lake Junaluska published in Discover magazine, and for branding and logo development for the Lambuth Inn logo.

Third-place awards included honors for special publications with Discover magazine and for eNewsletters with the Lake Junaluska eNewsletter.
Lake Junaluska is a place of Christian hospitality where lives are transformed through renewal of soul, mind and body.

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Best in Class (Tie)
Internet Communications
Instagram and Facebook 
Liz Boyd, Mary Bates

First Place (Tie)
Mary Bates, Liz Boyd

Social Media Online Content
First place (Tie) 
Liz Boyd, Mary Bates

First place (Tie)
Facebook account
Liz Boyd, Mary Bates

Print Newsletter
First Place
Junaluska Weekly 
Mary Bates, Rachel Watkins, Allison Melrose

Second Place (Tie)
"Home Stage Advantage" a story about Balsam Range at Lake Junaluska 
Liz Boyd, Mary Bates

Branding/Logo Design
Second Place (Tie)
Logo for Lambuth Inn
Mary Bates, Liz Boyd, Mercy Ehler

Campaign/Strategic Planning
Second Place
2018 Summer Youth Events campaign 
Mary Bates, Liz Boyd

Single Piece
Second Place
Personal Retreats Booklet 
Mary Bates, Liz Boyd, Mercy Ehler

Photo Series 
Second Place 
"Sweet Serenade" photo essay 
Mary Bates, Evangeline Wilds, Steven McBride, Margaret Hester, Ashley Evans, Steve Yocom

Special Publication
Third Place 
Discover magazine 
Mary Bates, Liz Boyd, Evangeline Wilds, Susannah Brinkley

Third Place 
Lake Junaluska eNewsletter 
Liz Boyd, Mary Bates


Mary Bates
Lake Junaluska
PO Box 67, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745